A Local Dentist Treats Patients with Diabetes

A Local Dentist Treats Patients with Diabetes
April 29, 2016  | IN TREATMENTS

We are a local dentist practice that treats patients who are suffering from diabetes. This is a common condition that impacts people of all ages. What many people don’t realize is that it also can create oral health issues in addition to the physical ones. That is because uncontrolled blood sugar directly inhibits the white blood cells from doing their job. When white blood cells are unable to fight off infection and bacteria the entire body suffers.

Diabetics can decrease their risk of having health issues by keeping their blood sugar under control. This can very often be done by diet and taking medication as needed. The physician will work with a diabetic to create a treatment plan for accomplishing this goal. Unfortunately, there are times where treatment plans simply do not work, and blood sugar spike happens anyway.

As a local dentist, we understand the importance of paying attention to our diabetic patients’ overall health. At times, this requires coordinating care with their general physician. When a person’s blood sugar is not under control or there has been a recent diabetic episode it prevents the body from healing properly. This means that a simple dental procedure could take longer to heal than normal, which in turn makes a patient more uncomfortable than necessary. By simply understanding the overall health picture, we can schedule dental work for when the body has the greatest chance of healing quickly.

In general, a diabetic needs to take extra precautions to keep bacteria off of their teeth and gums. Since the body has a more difficult time fighting bacteria, it is important to take an active role in keeping it from ever becoming a problem in the first place. This can be done by brushing teeth after every meal using a soft toothbrush and flossing at the same time. Rinsing with mouthwash throughout the day will help to kill lingering germs and bacteria. This routine will help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease from taking hold. In addition, patients should see the dentist a minimum of twice a year to have the bacteria removed that is left behind by a toothbrush. By practicing good hygiene at home and working with an expert medical professional, a diabetic can stay in better oral health year-round.

There are several symptoms that a diabetic should watch for when brushing their teeth. Swollen and puffy gums are at the top of the list. Due to restricted blood flow, this is a common occurrence that can be uncomfortable and also be the start of gum disease. Removing bacteria from, at, and around the gum line will help to reduce any symptoms and keep patients more comfortable.

Thrush can commonly impact diabetics. This is actually a fungal infection that is caused by taking too many antibiotics. It can cause the tongue and cheeks to have a burning and stinging sensation. Signs of thrush can be identified during a routine dental exam.

Regular preventative care is essential for preventing diabetics or any patient from experiencing oral pain and getting an infection. As a local dentist, we will work with all types of patients and are happy to help you and your family to stay in excellent oral health.