I Think My Gums Are Receding Huntington Beach, CA

I Think My Gums Are Receding Huntington Beach, CA
March 23, 2022  | IN UNCATEGORIZED

At Beach City Dental we are focused on the health of our patients’ gums just as much as we are focused on their teeth.

This is because we understand the critical nature of the gums and the role they play in keeping teeth healthy, strong,

and intact. Through regular dental care, we can work to prevent gum disease, and very often, this is the solution.

However, if you do notice that your gums have begun to recede, you should call (714) 898-2517 and schedule an

appointment with our Huntington Beach, CA dental office. Since gum recession can lead to further health challenges, it

is important to address the issue right away.

Why are gums receding from my teeth?

There could be several reasons for this, and some of them may have to do with your lifestyle. For example, it is

important to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. However, if you use a hard toothbrush or brush too

aggressively, you could actually be irritating your gums and causing them to recede. This is why we recommend that you

use a soft or electronic toothbrush whenever possible. You want to make sure you are gentle when brushing near your

gums, regardless of what you are using.

Your gums can also recede due to gum disease. This is actually the most common reason for the condition. At Beach City

Dental we have found that gum disease can impact patients of all ages, and when it does, it is critical that you come in

for a dental cleaning and treatment. Otherwise, you can begin to see the gums recede or pull away from the teeth. The

cause is plaque that has become trapped in between teeth and the gums. Since you cannot clean this area, it remains in

place, turns into tartar, and irritates your gums to the point that they swell, bleed, become irritated, and eventually


Genetics can also give you receding gums, so if your parents had this problem, you may as well

If your teeth are crooked and your bite is out of alignment, additional strain could be placed on some of your teeth. As

a result of abnormal wear patterns, your gums could begin to suffer and eventually recede.

Why are my gums receding only on one side?

If your gums are only receding on one side, it could be simply because plaque just happens to have built up in this area

of the mouth. Plaque does not discriminate, but there is a chance that you could have brushed or flossed better on one

side of your mouth, or it could be a simple fluke that plaque became trapped in one area but not the other. Another

plausible solution is that this mirrors general wear patterns, and if your teeth are crooked and your bite is off, your

gum health is also being impacted disproportionally.

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Why are my gums receding on one tooth only?

While this could be related to the other causes listed above, it is most likely to do some type of dental trauma.

Perhaps this particular area of the mouth was cut or suffered a severe abrasion. Whether the injury was caused by eating

something sharp, your nail scratched it, or an outside force cut you, gums can sometimes have difficultly healing and

may recede as a result of that injury.

Should I worry about receding gums? Are they really a sign of trouble?

Yes, you should. At Beach City Dental we encourage all our Huntington Beach, CA patients to pay attention to their gum

health and call us right away if they see their gums bleeding, swelling, or receding. We want to examine you immediately

in order to determine if you have gum disease and then to treat it. You are best served by receiving immediate care

because this gives us the opportunity to treat the problem using less invasive methods. For example, you may only need a

deep cleaning if you come in right away or perhaps you will need an antibiotic treatment as well, but by coming in

early, you give your gums the best chance for restoration without the need for a gum graft. Otherwise, if you delay,

they could recede to the point that the health of your teeth, your jawbone, and your entire smile are at risk. After

all, the majority of people who lose an adult tooth also had gum disease at the time. Preventing and treating it is

truly one of the best things you can do for your oral health.

How do you prevent gum recession?

The best way to prevent gum recession is to visit our 92647 dental office for a teeth cleaning twice per year. We can

remove the plaque and tartar that has built up over time in order to give your teeth a fresh clean feel while also

reducing the likelihood that plaque or tartar will build up. Additionally, you can begin to use a soft toothbrush and

monitor how aggressively you brush your teeth.

Is there a way to treat the condition?

Yes, if you are suffering gum recession due to gum disease, we must remove the disease. Generally, this requires us to

perform a deep cleaning procedure in order to remove the plaque and tartar from the area in between the teeth and the

gums. Once done, your gums can begin to heal and rejuvenate. There are also some laser procedures used by Dr. Henriod

and Dr. Bergman in the 92647 area that help stimulate the gum tissue so it can begin to grow again. Otherwise, if the

recession is really bad, you will need a gum graft to restore the tissue around the teeth as a protective measure.

What are the risks of not treating it?

Very simply, you could lose your teeth. Gum recession is typically caused by gum disease. The idea of not treating it is

an incredibly risky option because it means that in addition to experiencing uncomfortable teeth and gums, you are also

likely to suffer from bone and tooth loss.

To learn more about gum recession and how to treat it, call our dental office at (714) 898-2517.