Why a Dental Bridge in Huntington Beach May Be Preferable to Removable Dentures

Why a Dental Bridge in Huntington Beach May Be Preferable to Removable Dentures
June 1, 2016  | IN TREATMENTS

In the case of missing teeth, getting a dental bridge in Huntington Beach may be preferable to removable dentures. Many people assume that with a loss of teeth, the only solution is dentures. This is incorrect. A fixed dental bridge may be the most convenient and useful answer to uncomfortable and displeasing tooth loss. When you suffer tooth loss, you are at risk for a variety of problems in the future. We can help prevent the negative effects of this by educating you about our dental bridges.

If you still have some of your teeth, a dental bridge may help restore your mouth to its former glory. The process of implementing a dental bridge is simple to understand. A dental bridge will be created according to customized specification. It will then be put into place in the space between your natural teeth. The dental bridge will then be affixed to two of your remaining teeth by crowns. The false teeth you choose for your dental bridge may be made of silver amalgam, cast gold, or porcelain with porcelain being the most preferred material.  It is very rare for us to create a bridge using anything other than a tooth-colored replacement tooth. If you do not have natural teeth in the proper locations, a bridge can also be attached to dental implants. This process is more strenuous, but it will also provide lasting results. If there are any remaining gaps, they will be filled in attractively with strong bonding cement.

The pros of a dental bridge in Huntington Beach are the ease and effectiveness of the solution, as well as the aesthetic appeal. A dental bridge can also combat other negative developments that could occur  with the loss of teeth, including the drifting of the natural teeth that remain, gum infections, problems with your speech, and jaw shape altering. Dental bridges also keep in sync the general balance of your chewing processes. A dental bridge can help you avoid these scary potential hazards by replacing your teeth.

The most common complaint of getting a removable denture rather than a fixed dental bridge is the annoyance of keeping it in place. Constantly fighting the denture’s potential to loosen in the mouth causes constant discomfort and annoyance. Dentures also do not have the appeal of looking natural. The metal clasps that keep them in place may also be cause for annoyance or torment. Speech obstruction and breakability are also unappealing qualities of dentures. Many people are also tempted to not clean teeth thoroughly when they have dentures in place. This could cause damage to remaining natural teeth.

Whatever your reason for wanting a dental bridge or removable dentures, we are happy to discuss all of your options in further detail during a consultation. A dental bridge may save you from extra frustration and irritation. The natural look and feel of a fixed dental bridge in Huntington Beach will help you cope with tooth loss in a sustainable and attractive fashion. The comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting qualities of them are hard to beat with dental implants being the only more durable solution.