Periodontics in Huntington Beach, CA | Gum Specialist

You may have never thought about needing treatment in periodontics, especially if you’re unfamiliar with care from our dentists near you. Although most periodontic care is associated with treating gum disease, our dentists at Beach City Dental offer treatment that extends beyond periodontal disease. Two examples include cosmetic dentistry near you, like crown lengthening or an uneven gum line correction. If you think that you or a family member would benefit from periodontics in Huntington Beach, CA, from our dentists near you, we invite you to book an appointment with Beach City Dental today.

Other Reasons to Consider Periodontics Near You

In addition to treating gum disease and some cosmetic dentistry, periodontics from our dentists are used to:

  • Treat gums that are swollen
  • Treat bad breath
  • Treat painful chewing
  • Treat gums that easily bleed when brushing or flossing
  • Treat gums that are receding and affecting the appearance of teeth

When you visit our dentists near you in Huntington Beach, CA, we’ll review your medical history and perform an oral examination (which may include an oral cancer screening) to determine the cause of your concern. We’ll also take x-rays and measure the space between your gums and teeth, also known as your gum pocket, which helps our dentists determine the severity of your condition. We will then prepare a treatment plan for you based on the findings from these tests.

Early Treatment is the Preferred Treatment

Depending on your treatment plan, it is recommended that you begin your periodontal therapy as soon as possible. This is because early treatment can often be completed without gum surgery. For example, we may recommend deep dental cleaning and special rinses to stop your gum disease from worsening. However, you may undergo periodontal surgery if you ignore your gum disease (and the symptoms that indicate gum disease).

Our Goal for Every Patient

Our goal at Beach City Dental is to help every patient enjoy a happy and healthy smile without concern about gum disease or tooth loss. If you share a similar goal for your smile, we’d love to help you achieve it! Please make an appointment today to learn more about periodontics near you from Beach City Dental.