Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Huntington Beach, CA | Wisdom Tooth Removal

Do you feel like there isn’t enough space in your mouth for all your teeth? Do you feel certain teeth didn’t come in all the way or are stuck in the gum line? The truth is, you could have a problem with your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth have been known to cause many patient issues, and having them extracted is typically the only way to get relief. The good news is your local dentist at Beach City Dental in Huntington Beach, CA can take care of the extraction and have you feeling better in almost no time.

How is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Done?

A wisdom tooth extraction isn’t as scary as you may have seen on TV or social media. Still, it is a complex tooth extraction that typically means that you have to be put under or given a sedative like nitrous oxide so that the dentist can complete the procedure without pain.

Once the patient has been made comfortable, the process becomes oral surgery. This is because the wisdom teeth are quite large and often buried in the gum line. It also means that the dentist must surgically extract them rather than being pulled like your typical tooth.

To extract each tooth, the dentist will make an incision into the gum and pull the entire tooth. Depending on the positioning of the wisdom tooth, this can be a typical incision or may be more complicated, leading to a longer recovery time.

The dentist may only decide to remove two teeth at once to allow recovery so that it is easier to eat and drink without complications. Having the removal done in two visits may take longer. Still, it is often more comfortable to deal with, especially for younger patients who may be more sensitive to pain or have trouble with recovery.

Once the extraction is complete, the dentist will usually pack the area with medicated gauze to prevent infection and allow it to heal properly before scheduling another visit.