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We are committed to providing quality healthcare to families located in the Huntington Beach area and treat patients of all ages. We provide comprehensive solutions for our patients' oral health needs. Believing in the importance of listening to our patients, we take the time to truly understand each person's needs, goals, and lifestyle. By understanding our patients' objectives we can provide solutions that will improve their health while transforming their smile into something bright and beautiful.

Beach City Dental is located at 6552 Bolsa Ave Ste R, Huntington Beach, CA. We are currently accepting new patients, and you can schedule an appointment by calling 714-898-2517.

The Benefits of Quality General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth enjoy the distinction of being the hardest bones in your body, thanks to robust tooth enamel that protects them from wear.  However, your teeth are not indestructible, and everything from genetics, to injury, illness, and lifestyle choices could cause enamel to wear, leading to issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss that compromise oral function and the appearance of your smile.


At Beach City Dental, we’re committed to helping you achieve and maintain exceptional oral health, not to mention a brilliant smile that imbues you with confidence.  Naturally, you have to do your part by practicing proper oral hygiene and scheduling regular dental visits with your trusted, Huntington Beach family dentist, but the end result will be a healthy and beautiful smile.


What benefits will you enjoy from partnering with a qualified and experienced general and cosmetic dentist?  Good oral health gives you peace of mind, for starters, but it also helps to eliminate a variety of potential problems, including dental pain.  With proper oral hygiene and regular checkups, you may be able to avoid issues like tooth decay and gum disease that could entail aches and pains, tender or bleeding gums, foul odors, loose teeth, and even tooth loss.


You’ll also appreciate the superior Huntington Beach cosmetic dentistry we offer, including smile makeover options like teeth whitening, veneers, and gum recession treatment, as well as restorations like crowns and dental implants.  With the right cosmetic procedures, you can have the radiant smile you’ve always wanted and the confidence that comes with it.


Your Caring and Experienced Family Dentist Huntington Beach

Customer satisfaction is always on our minds, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure your comfort during visits and your confidence in the care we provide.  Our conscientious staff is always friendly and accommodating, and we’re happy to address all of your questions or concerns.


With decades of combined experience to draw on, the talented professionals at Beach City Dental offer superior general and cosmetic dentistry services that exceed your expectations and deliver the exceptional results you deserve.  When you partner with our caring and supportive team, you’ll get the premium dental care you prefer.


The Advanced Technologies You Expect

When you need a general or cosmetic dentist Huntington Beach, you not only want experienced dentists and specialists, but also access to the latest technologies and techniques.  At Beach City Dental, we proudly operate state-of-the-art facilities in a modern, inviting office setting.  Our bright, welcoming décor is designed to provide a calm and relaxing environment, and we utilize cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure you have access to the best possible care.


Whether it’s time for a regular cleaning and x-rays, you’re seeking periodontal care, or you need an expert in dental implants Huntington Beach, our experienced staff and modern facilities deliver.  Our dedication to continuing education and technological upgrades has helped to make Beach City Dental the trusted local institution it is today, and we’re pleased to offer exceptional care that promotes healthy mouths and dazzling smiles for life.


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